5 essential tips for your 2018 Marketing Plan

As 2018 stretches out ahead of us, for those of you running your own business, you know that it can be as daunting as it can be liberating.

What does the year have in store? Will my business continue to grow? Can I turn my ideas and dreams into a reality?

We all have ideas, we all have an active and often very long to-do list, and if anyone was to ask... we kind of know how we are going to make things happen.

Not. Good. Enough!

The only way you are going to take control of the year ahead and make things happen is if you have a plan. An actual written down plan.

Do you have a plan?

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Lesley Stonier
Branding....a love affair

It's Valentine's Day! 

Today love is in the air and all around us. From the girls getting flower deliveries to their desks to those surreptitiously checking their Tinder profiles; every one wants to feel the love today, to feel that they are special to someone.

But as consumers we have another love affair....a love affair with brands that is.

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Lesley Stonier
The Entrepreneur-spiration Series: Girls United for Change

Gender bias is an issue that has been widely reported throughout 2016, and continues to be debated and elevated. 

From the gender pay gap; where on average women earn 78% compared to men in similar positions, to the fact that still only 19% of business owners are female (RBS, Women In Enterprise Report) and only 26% of FTSE 100 board members are women. 

So, with that in mind, this month's Entrepreneur-spriation Interview is with the founders of an incredibly inspiring new website that is to tackle the day to day experience of gender bias from a slightly different perspective. 

But Girls United for Change is no ordinary website, and these are no ordinary founders!

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Lesley Stonier
The Entrepreneur-spiration Series: Thomson & Scott Skinny Champagne & Prosecco

This month we went and met Amanda Thomson, Founder and CEO of Thomson & Scott Skinny - a portfolio of Champagne and Prosecco for the next generation of wine lovers globally who want to drink top quality sparkling wine, whilst reducing the levels of added sugar in their bottle. 

Billed as "the basic bitch drink” by The Guardian this summer, Skinny Champagne and Prosecco is a god send for those that want to cut their calories while they enjoy their chilled glass of fizz.

Hallelujah I hear you cry!

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Marketing Guide: How to Build your Personal Brand

As an entrepreneur, there is always more than enough to keep you busy. 

What with launching your business, getting those sales in, building leads and converting them to customers, managing suppliers, dealing with invoices…the list can feel endless.

But there is one aspect of your business that you mustn’t forget to focus on, one that is critical to the success of your brand, you business, and even the longevity of your career.

Your personal brand.

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Lesley Stonier
The Entrepreneur-spiration Series: Twisted Halo

As the sun is out and summer is hotting up, we are on a mission to seek out the coolest new alcoholic drinks hitting the bars, beer gardens and pop ups, as well as the shelves this summer. This month we met with Jess Titcumb, founder of refreshing new ready to serve drink Twisted Halo.

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The Entrepreneur-spiration Series: Going Cuckoo for #ModernMuesli

This month, I set off in search of a tasty breakfast and found Anna Mckenzie & Lucy Wright, co-founders of Cuckoo Bircher Muesli.

This is no ordinary muesli, this my friends is #modernmuesli.

A delicious blend of jumbo oats, linseed, creamy yogurt & juicy fruit. It packs an unexpected full fruit punch with delicious flavour combinations such Elderflower and Cranberry, and Apple and Cinnamon. These girls are putting a whole new spin on a rather traditional type of breakfast and bringing it to the masses.

Convenient and easy to eat on-the-go, the Cuckoo range is a welcome change to the tried and trusted breakfast options available in any supermarket chiller - banana or croissant anyone?

I set out to find out more and asked the girls to share their startup story to date….

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Lesley Stonier
The Entrepreneur-spiration Series: The HANGRY Food Company

Our June Entrepreneur-spiration Interview is with Louisa Wilkinson, Founder of The HANGRY Food Company, and aka The HANGRY Boss.

You know that feeling when you’re HANGRY. The silent unidentifiable rage when you are so hungry you become inexplicably angry or frustrated, or both; these emotions boil over until you get something in your belly and then the feelings subside as quickly as they arrived.

It's not a made up word. Officially added to the Oxford English Dictionary in 2015, HANGRY is a scientific discovery! A recent study shows that people have difficulty regulating their temperament when their blood sugar levels drop, which is why they become a bit of a grumpy mess when HANGRY. 

Well, Louisa is here to help you control your HANGRY emotions with her new range of delicious and nutritious HANGRY snack bars, and she is on a mission to provide you with honest and healthy good food to put you in a good mood. 

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London Wine Week 2016

London Wine Week was back with a bang last week. Nowhere else on the planet can you experience the world in a wine glass...all in one city.

We got on board with our festival wristbands, which act as your passport to sample over 500 wines in 125 venues across the capital, and with the chance to experience wines from 20 different countries, we were definitely up for the challenge! 

Basically, this is London's largest self-guided wine tasting, and we went to find out what was going down!

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Lesley Stonier
The Entrepreneur-spiration Series: The Seedlip Story

Our second interview this month is with Ben Branson, founder of Seedlip Ltd.

Seedlip is the world’s first distilled non-alcoholic spirit. Yes, that is correct, a spirit without alcohol. 

It’s interesting to check your initial reaction at this point. Brilliant or brainless? Which camp are you in?

Either way Seedlip has got people talking and Ben has created a completely new category of drink, and one that has the high end food and drink industry abuzz with excitement at the alcohol free possibilities that this innovation makes possible. 

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The Entrepreneur-spiration Series: Going nuts for Pip & Nut

This month, we popped over to The Nest in Hackney Downs Studios to meet the lovely Pip Murray, founder of exciting new nut butter brand Pip & Nut

Our aim was to learn more about how this new and rather exciting range of high protein, all natural nut butters that has taken the grocery and health food market by storm, and to hear more about Pip’s startup story as a female founder. 

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The Ones to Watch: Our soft drink highlights from London Coffee Festival 2016

Last week saw close to 35,000 people heading over to the Truman Brewery in Brick Lane for London Coffee Festival 2016. We went along to check out the movers and shakers of the drinks scene and to meet the brands making waves with new launches, tastes and innovations.

Here are some of our soft drinks highlights, our pick of the ones to watch in 2016…

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