Marketing Guide: How to Build your Personal Brand


As an entrepreneur, there is always more than enough to keep you busy. 

What with launching your business, getting those sales in, building leads and converting them to customers, managing suppliers, dealing with invoices…the list can feel endless.

But there is one aspect of your business that you mustn’t forget to focus on, one that is critical to the success of your brand, you business, and even the longevity of your career.

Your personal brand

Your personal brand is as important as your business brand, if not more so. Particularly as an entrepreneur. 

Let me tell you why….


As a startup business you have limited brand equity because you are new and people are yet to experience your product or service. So how do they find out about your business? Not only what you sell but the why behind what you do and the who behind the idea. They why is critical to helping them form an emotional connection with your brand and building trust. The why and the who are essential parts of the story you need to share.

So much of who you are as a person is invested in your brand when you are an entrepreneur. Your business is the culmination of your passion, idea, creativity, and determination. Your brand is infused with who you are and how you choose to do things. You are creating a business that is done your way, so it is only natural that the two of you become inextricably linked.

The better you do in business, the more people will be looking to see who is behind the success. The better you do at putting yourself out there with the right people in the right way, the more interest, leads and investors you will be able to generate for your business.

Your focus and time invested in one will certainly benefit the other. 

Time & Focus

These days we are all brand managers of our personal brand. Social media is an always on channel for us to talk about ourselves and share updates on our lives. We are obsessed with it, and build loyal and engaged communities of families, friends and peers to surround ourselves with. 

The question is whether you choose to use your personal brand in a more purposeful way to further your career, your brand or your business? And if you choose to do it, how to do it in a genuine way that is authentic to who you are?


“Be yourself, everyone else is already taken” Oscar Wilde


But don’t fret about adding another thing to you to do list!

Our e-marketing guide to Building your Personal Brand has some great ways to start seeing the value that building your personal brand can add to your business.

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Download today!

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Lesley Stonier