Branding....a love affair


It's Valentine's Day! 

Today love is in the air and all around us. From the girls getting flower deliveries to their desks to those surreptitiously checking their Tinder profiles; every one wants to feel the love today, to feel that they are special to someone.

Likewise tonight, endless couples will sit side by side, crammed into restaurants, looking at overpriced set menu's and fobbing off rogue rose sellers who pass by their tables.

This is what 21st century love is after all! :)

But as consumers we have another love affair....a love affair with brands that is.

We are obsessed with them! We surround ourselves with them, we indulge in them, create dalliances with them, have passing flings and one night stands, form long lasting, stand the test of time relationships with them, and pass them on throughout our lives through the generations.

Our relationships with brands is complicated, much like many real life relationships. So I want to shed a bit of light on why that is and why they mean so much to us.

Why do we fall in love with brands?

Simple really.

The brands we love meet our needs, are always there for us and don't let us down.

Much like what you would look for in a long term partner or relationship, a brand that stays in your life offers you an unparalleled experience and you simply don't need anything else.

You like the whole package, what it looks like, the job it does, how it "performs", the service you get, how it makes you feel, and what it says about you and your life.

You may have tried other brands and keep coming back to this one, you may be a complete loyalist and never have strayed. Either way, this brand has you for keeps because it consistently delivers meaning you don't need to look else where, it gives you everything you need.


How do you know when you have found 'the one'?

When you get what you need, you reward it with your trust, loyalty and regular purchase.

The transaction mechanic is simple and easy to understand. Much like relationships, if your needs are being fulfilled, there is no reason for you to go anywhere else. 

What's a bit more tricky is for the brand to deliver against your exact needs and stay relevant as your life evolves and changes over time.

But those who know their target consumers will be well ahead of the game, and the rewards for meeting your needs are well worth it.

If you meet your customers needs, you'll not only have their money but you'll have them singing your praises from the rooftops too. What more encouragement do you need!!

How to become a brand people fall in love with?

For me, the rules are simple...

1) Know who your product is targeting - know them inside out - it makes building that relationship easier when you already know as much about them as you can.

2) Meet their needs.

3) Meet their needs, but do it in a unique way that sets you apart from everyone else. Have that special something about you that they can't get anywhere else.

4) Consistently meet their needs over time. Be there, be what they want, give it at the price they need it at or are prepared to pay, add value to their lives and keep engaged in what they are doing after they have bought you.


Branding & creating customers, or getting people to fall in love with your brand - either way it's a relationship you are building!

And in my humble experience, you want that to be a long standing, loving, lasting one with mutual benefits...because when a customer falls in love with your brand, much like love, it's a pretty nice feeling!

Now go on, get out there and start spreading the love.

Happy Valentine's Day x

Lesley Stonier