How to do more with the time you have

do more

We all do it.

Sitting there, procrastinating, putting it off, checking emails, checking Instagram, and then have even less time than when you started out to do this thing that you don't really know how to do, or how to start, or what it should look like, but are too afraid of looking stupid to ask someone, because you should know, everyone else seems to, don't they?!

Don't. Waste. Time.

In a startup, time is money and money is scarce.

Marketing can often be overcomplicated, but really its just good common sense. We know from our years of experience because we've been there; and because we've been there, we know how to help.

So whether you're a startup founder looking to brush up on your own marketing skills, or you have a new marketing team or new starter that needs some training, or you're looking to get some advice on the kind of marketing team your startup needs, our new marketing training service can help you with the following types of training...

  • Identifying Audience Insights
  • Building a Brand Proposition
  • Creating a compelling Marketing Strategy & Plan
  • Financial Assumptions, Budgeting & Measuring ROI
  • Prepping a Pitch/ Investor Deck & Selling Story

So do more with the time you do have, and do it with confidence.

Contact us, and lets chat it through.


Lesley Stonier